Transportation Planning develops and facilitates implementation of the Transportation Capital Improvement Program, as well as, Transportation Management Plans and Transportation Development Reviews. Including:

  • the evaluation of proposed developments that may require a land use change.
  • rezoning.
  • special exception approval.
  • Development of Regional Impact approval.

This analysis allows the county to determine whether there is adequate capacity on the roadways to meet the future transportation needs in the county.

In the event there is not adequate transportation capacity, alternatives are considered. We establish partnerships between the county and developers to complete the necessary infrastructure improvements.
Transportation Planning plays an integral role in funding of transportation projects.

This includes making state and federal funding requests, calculating fee amounts for commercial development, and prioritizing the use of these funds. 

Roadway Segments Level of Service Analysis

2017 Level of Service Analysis 

2016 Level of Service Analysis 

2015 Level of Service Analysis

2014 Level of Service Analysis

Transportation Planning


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