CareerEdge helps the region’s economic development by bringing employers and employees together promoting a dual focused approach by creating a career path for local low-skill/low-wage workers to advance into higher-skill/higher-wage positions, opening entry-level positions that can be filled by newer, less-skilled candidates into the workforce.  The CareerEdge dual approach to workforce development will strengthen the region’s capacity to attract and retain employers and professionals because it will focus attention and resources on areas needed to accelerate growth and improvement of the necessary skill set to successfully fulfill the needs of the employer.

CareerSource Suncoast

CareerSource Suncoast’s primary focus is connecting businesses with talented workforce and training needed to succeed and grow, by connecting businesses with skilled talent and training solutions.  They work with partners across the Suncoast to help identify current and future skill requirements and needs, to develop work-ready skills and focus them on opportunities in target sectors where they will likely find a career. The CareerSource Suncoast support by connecting employers with qualified, skilled talent and career development opportunities to achieve economic prosperity in Sarasota County because of our high talent workforce.

Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Sarasota County

The Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County works with businesses looking to expand an existing enterprise or relocate existing operations to garner resources needed to create new possibilities. The EDC works in partnership with local governments, chambers of commerce, and other community and regional organizations to add high-wage jobs and help lead, sustain and diversify economic development.

Green Business Partnership

The Green Business Partnership is a growing group of businesses committed to environmental stewardship. The Green Business Partnership is open to all businesses in Sarasota County, regardless of type or size.  Certified Green Business Partners make an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, 200+ businesses have already earned certification.

Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office

Sarasota County offers a unique rebate for local production of Film, Television, Music, Print Media and Commercial projects which promotes economic stimulus to local economy through development and expansion in the entertainment industry, by hiring county residents and utilizing county vendors or service providers.  The rebate incentive is currently at $25,000.00 per project. The Sarasota County Film & Entertainment rebate enhances tourism, prosperity, creativity professionalism and a quality of life throughout our 570 square mile region enriching Sarasota County’s economic development.

UF Innovation Station

The University of Florida Innovation Station Sarasota County (FLEXStation) is an arm of the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida dedicated to driving economic and workforce development around the state with a focus on growing the region’s global innovation economy.

The UF Innovation Station Sarasota County is the first physical extension office in Florida.  Targeted toward community outreach to establish talent and technology pipelines connecting UF faculty, students and technology with industry and students in Sarasota County supporting the development of an educated workforce to serve the innovation economy.

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